Episode 43 – Hackers

In this episode of the show, we are doing our level best to hack the planet together with the scruffy (or maybe somewhat futuristically over-dressed) protagonists of the 1995 cult classic Hackers. Over the course of our wild and sprawling discussion we comment on the film’s production design, its overall aesthetic and the aforementioned spandex-heavy fashion, talk about the idea of visualizing the concept of hacking using completely unrealistic means, the swaths of comedy embedded within the movie, its cultural footprint and much more. We even postulate that maybe it was a bit ahead of its time in many ways and the audiences were simply not ready for it at the time… just as they were not ready to handle Matthew Lillard’s insanely contagious on-screen energy!

Tune in and enjoy!

Hosts: Jakub Flasz, Nicolò Grasso & Hillary White

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