About Us

Who we are

We are Uncut Gems Podcast, a podcast about underrated, underappreciated and slightly forgotten films. The show came to life in January 2021 created by Jakub Flasz with one simple goal – to have great conversations about interesting movies. Initially featuring a rotating panel of co-hosts, the podcast found its form, structure and footing and is now jointly co-hosted by Jakub together with Nicolò Grasso who each week get together thanks to the wonders of The Internet, switch on their mics and talk about films that – as the show’s tagline suggests – nobody else wants to talk about.

The show has recently started a Patreon subscription, where the guys supplement their weekly chats about underrated movies by recording bonus conversations about classics tying into recent episodes, themed retrospectives, and comprehensive marathons.


Jakub is a dad, husband, scientist and cinephile all rolled into one burrito of a human being, powered by caffeine and an eternal passion for both films and writing. He currently serves as Feature Editor of CLAPPER, where Uncut Gems Podcast originated. He also writes at his own film-related website Flasz on Film. When he’s not typing up 2000-word pieces on why the world does not deserve John Carpenter or re-watching Jaws for the umpteenth time, he can be also found on Twitter and Letterboxd.


Nicolò (a.k.a. Nick) is an award-winning Italian experimental filmmaker, and co-host of the Uncut Gems podcast. Lover of everything from surreal cinema to Eurotrash, he is the Silent Bob to Jakub’s Jay: often quiet, but whenever he talks, he tends to leave a mark (often due to his high-pitched laughter and squeaking). He can be found publishing his short films on YouTube and Vimeo, watching movies on a daily basis on Letterboxd, complaining about the current state of cinema on Twitter, and every two weeks he shares his passion for books on the Death By Adaptation podcast.


In a previous life, oh so many years ago, Randy was an award-winning producer (well, one award, at least) and director of independent local theatre productions. However, long-since having domesticated and transitioned to a quaint existence on Canada’s east coast as an adult educator, husband, and father of two, Randy has remained connected to his passion for film. In recent years – first via Letterboxd and then through CLAPPER – Randy has begun more actively writing and talking about film through his reviews and film-industry commentaries. In 2021, he stumbled upon UNCUT GEMS PODCAST and quickly became a fan of its frank, thorough, and sometimes wild discussions of long-forgotten, underappreciated cinema.