Cutting into Soderbergh 04 – Traffic

Here’s a short teaser of our Patreon-exclusive podcast series where we will be examining the cinema of Steven Soderbergh. On our main show we are going through his more underrated works, while on our Patreon we are talking about Soderbergh’s most prominent movies. This month, we are trying to stay on top of the tightly woven labyrinth of stories that make up Traffic, Soderbergh’s most acclaimed movie to date. Over the course of our chat you will hear us talk about colour-coding a movie, Soderbergh consolidating his filmmaking voice, the idea of transcending the remit of an afterschool special, the wonderful talents of Miguel Ferrer and Benicio del Toro and the many addictions we can fall victim to!

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Hosts: Jakub Flasz & Randy Burrows

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