David Lynch Marathon 12 – Inland Empire

Here’s a short teaser of the twelfth episode of our Patreon-exclusive show Uncut Gems Marathons where each year we will pick one director and, one by one, discuss their entire filmography. For 2022 we have chosen to dive deep into the cinema of David Lynch. In this episode of our 2022 David Lynch Marathon we are diving head first down the rabbit hole of David Lynch’s nightmarish thoughtscape as we talk about Inland Empire. Over the course of our conversation you will hear us talk about Lynch’s newfound fascination with digital filmmaking, taking complete control over his process, shooting in Poland, whether the movie is an epilogue to his career and whether it is perhaps too impenetrable and personal to be interrogated by an unprepared viewer.

Tune in and enjoy!

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Hosts: Jakub Flasz, Nicolò Grasso & Randy Burrows

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