Bonus Tie-in 13 – Dead Poets Society

Here’s a short teaser of our brand new Patreon-exclusive episode of Uncut Gems Tie-ins, a monthly series where we take a classic movie and connect it to a film discussed on our main show. In this episode of our Bonus Tie-in series we are talking about Dead Poets Society in connection to our upcoming show on Toy Soldiers. Join us as together with a very special guest we decode the poetry between the lines of this movie, marvel at Robin Williams’ singular acting chops, attempt to re-evaluate Mr Perry’s parenting skills, wonder if it isn’t too dangerous to open teenage minds too much and whether this 30-year-old movie can speak to younger audiences today.

Tune in and enjoy!

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Hosts: Jakub Flasz & Randy Burrows

Featuring: Campbell Burrows

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