Bonus Tie-in 12 – Enter The Dragon

Here’s a short teaser of our brand new Patreon-exclusive episode of Uncut Gems Tie-ins, a monthly series where we take a classic movie and connect it to a film discussed on our main show. This month we are tying our bonus discussion to the upcoming duet of episodes on martial arts movies and one cannot talk about karate chops and weird tournaments in secluded locations without mentioning Enter The Dragon. Over the course of our conversation you will hear us talk about our history with Bruce Lee (or lack thereof), the movie as a James Bond knock-off, Bruce Lee’s legendary stature as an inspiration for youngsters to practice kicks and make shuriken in shop class, the iconic final set piece of the movie, emotional content and much, much more!

Tune in and enjoy!

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Hosts: Jakub Flasz & Randy Burrows

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