Episode 88 – 52 Pick-Up

In this episode of the show we are talking about 52 Pick-Upa John Frankenheimer-directed adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s pulpy neo-noir starring Roy Scheider. Joined by a very special guest Sarah Buddery, we explore the sleazy underworld of Leonard’s prose, we marvel at Roy Scheider’s acting range and John Frankenheimer’s directorial immediacy, comment on the troublesome treatment of female characters, wonder whether Hardcore and Taxi Driver exist in the same universe with this movie and how 52 Pick-Up was perhaps doomed to become a cult film stuck between two eras in genre filmmaking. 

Tune in and enjoy!

Hosts: Jakub Flasz & Randy Burrows

Featuring: Sarah Buddery (Let’s Jaws For a Minute Podcast)

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