Episode 80 – Hard Target

In this episode of the show we are launching A-Woo-Gust, a month-long series of episodes where we will talk about John Woo and the movies he made in Hollywood! We are starting with the iconic Hard Target starring the iconic JCVD and his iconic greasy mullet! Over the course of our conversation you will hear us talk about Hong Kong cinema, spaghetti westerns, Lance Henriksen on fire, JCVD as a detective, punching snakes, surfing on bikes, roundhouse kicks, dismantling grenades and much more!

Tune in and enjoy!

Hosts: Jakub Flasz, Nicolò Grasso & Randy Burrows

Featuring: Kevin and Erin from The Podcast That Wouldn’t Die (@TPodcastTWDie and @QueenErin)

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