Retrospective 05 – Shivers, Invaders from Mars, Body Snatchers

Here’s a short teaser of our brand new Patreon-exclusive episode of Uncut Gems Retrospectives, a monthly series where we pick a handful of movies tied around a specific theme, a filmmaker or an actor and have an honest chat about them. This month we are tying our retrospective to our upcoming Shapeshifters and Body Snatchers series by talking about three movies playing within the template left behind Invasion of the Body Snatchers. To this end, we are discussing Shivers by David Cronenberg, Invaders from Mars by Tobe Hooper and Body Snatchers by Abel Ferrara. Over the course of our conversation you will hear us talk about how differently these three films treat the subgenre they are toying with, how Shivers functions as a zombie movie, how Invaders from Mars falls on its own sword and how Abel Ferrara reinvents this concept using his brand of elevated cinema veritĂ©.

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Hosts: Jakub Flasz & Nicolò Grasso

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