Episode 51 – Sorcerer

In this episode of the show, we are transported into the 1970s to discuss one of the most underrated masterpieces of its era, William Friedkin’s Sorcerer. Joined by a special guest Sarah Buddery who also happens to be the world’s foremost Roy Scheider fan, we embark on a journey to talk about the perils of carrying dynamite through a jungle and battling fate both within the narrative and outside it. Over the course of our wild conversation you will hear us talk about how much of a miracle it was for this film to come together, how it was bizarrely disregarded at the time of its release, how it functions as a multi-layered nesting doll of allegorical interpretations, how it substitutes the Hitchcockian slant of The Wages of Fear with suspense conjured by Friedkin’s docu-style verite filmmaking, and much, much more!

Also, if you like this show, be sure to listen to a tie-in bonus show where we also talked about Henri-Georges Clouzot’s The Wages of Fear in detail.

Tune in and enjoy!

Hosts: Jakub Flasz & Nicolò Grasso

Featuring: Sarah Buddery

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