Episode 41 – Blackhat

In this episode of the show, we are moving on from the spooky season vibes and slowly begin are new episode series casually titled “Circling The Matrix” where – in anticipation of Matrix Resurrections hitting the cinemas this Christmas – we will devote a handful of episodes to movies one way or another connected to The Matrix. Thus, we gently dipping our toes in the world of hackers by discussing Michael Mann’s Blackhat, a 2015 thriller that aimed to ensnare the audiences with Mann’s signature tactile realism used to bring the threat of cyber-terrorism to the big screens. Over the course of our lengthy discussion among other things we are trying to understand why this movie failed at the box office, identify its many conceptual flaws, discuss whether Mann’s subsequent director’s cut addressed any of those shortcomings, argue over casting choices and suggest that maybe hacking is just too difficult to faithfully depict on the screen without sacrificing something in return. 

Tune in and enjoy!

Hosts: Jakub Flasz, Jak-Luke Sharp, Carson Timar & Randy Burrows

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