Episode 16 – Miami Vice

In this episode of the show we venture back to 2006 and re-appraise Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. Over the course of this long-winded and nuance-rich discussion we break down Michael Mann’s directorial style, opine over his influence on cinema, share our own memories connected to the filmmaker and – most importantly – take a critical look at the film itself. We ponder over its multiple production issues, on-set animosities and other adversities that undoubtedly influenced the shape of the film, we discuss Mann’s shift towards digital filmmaking and wonder if it amplifies or detracts from his characteristically immediate filmmaking flavour. For all that and more, tune in to the episode and join our conversation!

Tune in and enjoy!

Hosts: Jakub Flasz, Carson Timar, Nicolo Grasso, Jak-Luke Sharp, & Kevin Whyte

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